90 Seconds , Millionaire Singles In the " First Impression" Like You

millionaire singles

You only have 90 seconds, so the important point here is the 'first impression'. Below is a list of quick and easy steps which will get Millionaire Men or Millionaire Women to like you.

1.Compliment them.

The easiest, quickest way to get Millionaire Men or Millionaire Women to like you almost instantly is by complimenting them. I'm sure we have all experienced that even the smallest of compliments can make our day. Compliment them on what they are wearing ("What a beautiful dress you have, it really suits you") or something that they've done ("Hey that's a really clever way to tie your shoelaces, I'll have to try that next time"). This works because naturally, it is hard to dislike someone who is saying nice things about you.


2. Smile.

Smiling makes you look friendly, approachable and cheerful. These are qualities that millionaires generally like to associate themselves with.


3. Eye contact and body language.

This is important to show that you are polite and respectful. Make sure you make eye contact with the millionaire men/ women you are speaking to and keep your body language open. For example, don't keep looking at the ground or staring into space, or talk with your arms crossed. This will make you look rude and unapproachable.


4. Ask questions.

When engaged in a conversation with millionaires, be sure to ask them questions about themselves. Millionaire Men/ Women generally like to talk about themselves, so it is fairly easy to get millionaires to like you by being a good listener and taking interest in what they are saying. On the other hand, make sure you bring up some interesting things about yourself as well, to keep the conversation open and reciprocal.


5. Know their name.

If you are meeting millionaires for the first time, it is assumed that within the first 90 seconds you will get their name. Remember it, and use it. At the end of the meeting, say your goodbyes but make sure to use their name, as it makes it more personal ("It was lovely to meet you Grace, hope to see you again soon").


6. When in conversation, try to talk only about good or positive things.

These are a lot more pleasant to hear than negative things. Talk about what you like or enjoy doing, your hobbies and special interests. Try not to badmouth anything or talk about your dislikes, because if you only have 90 seconds and are going on first impressions, you don't want the other person to think you have a pessimistic view of life.


7. Dress appropriately.

People judge on first impressions (and this includes your clothes) so make sure you dress appropriately for where you are. Nobody likes to see someone in home clothes at a fancy restaurant or someone with make up caked on their face at the gym.



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