How To Attracte A Millionaire?

attracte a millionaire

A new study conducted by relationship researchers from Wellesley and the University of Kansas says that opposites don't attract. In reality, people are attracted to others who have the same views and values as themselves.

The study, which was published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, found a “paradigm shift” in how we view our relationships. In order to discover how important similarity was in forming relationships, professor Angela Bahns and her team of researchers approached over 1,500 random pairs(romantic couples, friends, and acquaintances) and surveyed them on their values, prejudices, attitudes and personality traits. In fact, future friends or partners are actually similar “at the outset of their social connection.”In other words, people had similar views on life even if they had just met.

Here are some other reasons why opposites don’t attract, according to science and experts:

1. People With Similar Personalities Are Happier In Their Relationships

A 2014 study of 174 couples conducted by researchers Nathan Hudson and Chris Fraley found that couples who were more alike in personality were more satisfied in their relationships than those who were different.

2. People Who Have Great Relationships Share Similar Backgrounds

As Sean Horan assistant professor in relationship communication at DePaul University told CNN in 2014, people who have really good relationships have similar backgrounds, values and attitudes about things they like and dislike.

3. Similarity Is The Key To A Long-Lasting Relationship

A 2015 study of found that even though people with opposite personalities may be attracted to each other at first, the key to a long-lasting relationship is similarity.


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