Why MillionaireMatch trumps Tinder anytime?


In today's fast-paced world, finding the right person to share your life with can be a tricky endeavor. Juggling between your busy day-to-day schedules and trying to find that special someone is not easy at all. However, with the revolution of technology, there are many tools to help you know a person in more detail even before you come into contact with that person. One of these tools is online dating.


Online dating has revolutionized how individuals meet. To overcome the different obstacles to meeting new people, more and more people are starting to rely heavily on the internet in their quest for true love. The great thing about online dating is that it eliminates most of the location and communication barriers that hindered people in the past.


MillionaireMatch.com versus Tinder.com

While researching for this article, we tested two websites, Date-A-Millionaire.com and Tinder.com to see what each provided and which one was better than the other. The differences were absolutely amazing. It was almost like comparing mangoes and oranges.

Here are some of the differences that stood out:


(1)Response rate

For one, MillionireMatch.com not only had the most amazingly beautiful women and handsome men online, it also had a much higher response rate. The same cannot be said of Tinder.com, where you have to sift through tens of people in order to find a few that you like. Simply put, Tinder.com has just too many weirdos to deal with.


(2)Dealing with imposters

If you are a person who earns a high income, it is highly likely that you value your privacy and convenience. You are also likely to encounter imposters who are only after your money. MillionaireMatch.com is a millionaire dating site. It is unique in that all new members are required to disclose how much they earn. With over 2 million active members worldwide, your chances of meeting interesting and like-minded individuals are much higher on MillionaireMatch.com.


(3)Tinder attracts all crowds

While some would argue that this means there is someone for everyone, to me it means finding the true gems is a real hassle. On Tinder.com, people so easily disposable that it is difficult to take the whole process seriously. MillionaireMatch.com as its name suggests is a millionaire dating site and has no place for jokers.


(4)"Let's meet" feature

The >Millionaire Match app has a "Let's meet" feature for members to use their smartphones' GPS to find other members in nearby areas. Users get to see two profiles at any given time to choose who they would like to meet. Once you see someone you are interested in meeting, you simply "like" their profile.


(5)MillionaireMatch track record of success

Since its launch back in 2001, MillionaireMatch.com has earned a great reputation for always providing members with top-notch services. This site has been featured on ABC, CNN and CBS and huge publications such as The Wall Street Journal thanks to its enhanced reputation.

Bottom line


If you are serious about meeting other singles who are also after love, it goes without saying that you need an online dating site that prides itself in providing high quality singles. This is what MillionaireMatch.com does. It has a strict verification to vet new members to ascertain their suitability. Tinder.com is just no match for Date-A-Millionaire.com.


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