You Light up My Life!

You Light up My Life!

Be good to every one who becomes attached to us; cherish every friend who is by our side;

love every one who walks into our life.

It must be fate to get acquainted in a huge crowd of people...

I feel, the love that Osho talks about, maybe is a kind of pure love beyond the mundane world, which is full of divinity and caritas, and overflows with Buddhist allegorical words and gestures,

but, it seems that I cannot see through its true meaning forever...

Maybe, I do not just "absorb" your love; but because the love overpowers me and I am unable to dispute and refuse it...

Do you know? It's you who light up my life! And I stubbornly believe that such love can only be experienced once in my life.

Because of love, we won't be lonely any more; because of yearning, we taste more loneliness.

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